The Supernatural Woman Part 3


The Supernatural Woman Pt 3: Living in the Revelation of Jesus Christ “Revelatory Strategies for Supernatural Victories” focuses on how when our freedom in Christ becomes our intentional lifestyle and priority, we will live in HIS revelation. When HE invites us into HIS revelation, HE will give us the power to comprehend what HE is saying to us, and the power to walk out HIS instructions. His revelation reveals to us what His eternal freedom looks like.

It is the third part in “The Supernatural Woman” books, which provide inspiration and prophetic revelation coupled with biblical scriptures that take women on a journey of growth by faith and belief in the Word of God that yields supernatural extreme results.

The author shares invaluable wisdom and victorious strategies that when applied, are proven to bring forth spiritual breakthrough and deliverance. This book series serves as a guide for Christian women who desire to pursue God’s agenda for their lives and provide supernatural victorious outcomes that ignite their spirit.

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The Supernatural Woman Part 3: I’m a Supernatural Woman, Serving a Supernatural God, Getting Supernatural Results by Apostle Lydia Woodson-Sloley is an inspiring third book in the author’s series, which discusses how Christians can live in the revelation of Jesus Christ and fulfill their spiritual assignments. Full of insightful commentary and biblical passages, the author shows what victory in daily living should look like.

The book includes poetic prophetic words to encourage the reader’s faith journey, with wisdom tips that readers can use as strategies to personally implement in their relationships with God.

Join Lydia and learn how the Lord gives the Holy Spirit to His children to guide and protect us from the traps of the enemy, providing power and purpose to dwell in the abundance of His presence. See how you can lead an intentional life experiencing everything the Father has for you. What are you waiting for?

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