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Lydia Woodson-Sloley, Supernatural Woman, Life In Its Poetic Form Christian Ministries.

The most important thing about the supernatural woman is that she is not limited by time. Although she treasures her time, her eternal perspective positions her to abide in her Christ likeness where supernatural results automatically manifest. This is where she experiences proven supernatural victorious strategies demonstrated by the living Word of God that’s already been tested and tried by her supernatural God.

The  supernatural woman knows that mind of Christ in her supersedes her natural mind, which establishes for her a supernatural reality, whereby yielding to the Mind of Christ within her, is where she discovers a supernatural peace until the storm clears or the answer is revealed. There is no situation or circumstance that manifest in her life that can overtake her because through trusting in her living Savior, she knows that He is already aware.

The supernatural woman lives within a living salvation, constantly discovering what’s already been done in the finished work of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Her supernatural reality of this living salvation is where her way of escape already exists. She knows that within this living salvation, answers to her prayers already exist. The answer is supernaturally waiting to attach itself to her call, because she is the righteousness of God and He has already heard her cry.

Obedience to her living God is the supernatural woman’s way of life. This is her way of saying Jesus I love you. Even in times of great pain, persecution and self justification where her flesh tells her “you have a right to get even”, she will follow the Shepherds supernatural voice. Once again, she knows that’s where her supernatural results exist and she waits patiently for the manifestation.

The supernatural woman lives in holiness. She knows that is the only way to have full access to her Savior. He tells her “be holy as I am holy”. Her holy desire to be like her living Savior, positions her to operate in His image and His likeness. The supernatural woman values the price that He paid on Calvary and dares to walk in His resurrection power. The supernatural woman does not live in mediocrity, she lives in her authority. If she has to remind herself moment by moment, she will refuse to serve wicked influences.

The supernatural woman is alert relative to the immediacy of her surroundings. Being easily led by the Holy Spirit, she is conscious of living in the moment where the fullness of life exists rather than living in her past rehearsing life’s drama. The saying “let go and let God” is a real place of freedom for her. She lives in the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit. The supernatural woman surrenders thoughts that violate the will of God for her life. She will rebuke her own self, reminding herself that there is no good thing in her flesh and her supernatural God will withhold no good thing from her as she walks upright before Him.

Alive in Christ for the supernatural woman is that place where living, moving and having her being in her God, is her life. This is become her supernatural reality. The supernatural woman’s objective is to bring pleasure to her creator, the maker of heaven and earth. She knows that when the Creator gets pleasure out of His creation, she is walking in her pre-ordained purpose and destiny; for she knows, her steps are ordered by the Lord.

The supernatural woman has closed the gap between hesitation and godly revelation through obedience. She has a keen sense of awareness and discernment, through holiness that makes every attempt to nullify demonic influences that come from the enemy’s camp. I can do all things through Christ is her supernatural reality and summation relative to daily living as she lives in her living victory that was given to her before the foundations of the world.